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Aetheon Brewing, The How And Why.

Brewing craft beer is equal parts science and art, a balance of creativity and precision.

Kevin Martinovich Founder of Aetheon Brewing.

When Kevin Martinovich established Aetheon Brewing in 2021, he had a clear vision in mind - to create a range of beers that were not only approachable but also consistent in quality, packed with flavour, and brewed with passion. This vision was translated into the foundation of the brewery's core range of pale ales and IPAs, which have become a hallmark of Aetheon Brewing and beloved by many beer enthusiasts.


However, Kevin didn't stop there. He also wanted to push the boundaries of what beer could be, and thus, he started experimenting with new and exciting flavours. This led to the creation of the brewery's limited releases, which are crafted with the same commitment to quality and consistency as our core range but with a more adventurous twist.


Aetheon Brewing's commitment to these core values is evident in every can we produce. With every sip, you can taste the passion that goes into crafting each brew and the attention to detail that ensures every beer is of the highest quality. Whether you're a fan of classic pale ales or enjoy exploring new and exciting flavours, Aetheon Brewing has something for everyone.

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