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New England IPA

6.3% ABV

We left bitterness at the door with this fruity East Coast IPA that’s all about hop flavour and aroma. With a beautifully bright colour, hazy thickness, and low carbonation, our New England IPA is a big ol’ fruit salad in a can.

El Dorado, Ekuanot, Citra, and Sabro hops are responsible for the double doses of melon, tropical fruit and stone fruit in this juicy blend. We’ve added thickness to our light malt with plenty of wheat and oats, and snuck some Golden Naked Oats in there for a pinch of extra nuttiness.

Malt: Malted barley, malted wheat, Golden Naked Oats

Hops: El Dorado, Ekuanot, Citra, Sabro

Yeast: Verdant IPA

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